Neera Syrup 200 ml

Beneficial In : Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) | Kidney Stone |
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Neera is a tested combination of Ayurveda & is an herbal formula that supports bladder & urinary tract functioning by soothing the urinary tract via systemic flushing. The vital herbs help to support natural urinary flow & maintain consistent toxin elimination from human body. Neera helps to promote natural water balance, improves long term bladder & urinary tract function for optimum performance. It prevents supersaturation of lithogenic substances, controls oxamide absorbtion from the intestine and corrects the crystalloid colloid imbalance. It causes disintegration of the calculi and the crystals by acting on the mucin, which binds the particles together. Its
anti microbial activity is beneficial in the prevention of UTI associated with Urinary Stones and crystalluria.
Neera‘s anti spasmodic and anti inflammatory activities relieve ureteric colic and alleviate symptoms of painful and burning mituration.

Key ingredients Punchtrinmool Quath, Yavkshar, Varunadi Quath, Gokshura.
DisclaimerAvoid self medication! Consult your physician.