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Neurocare Tablet


30 tablets            700 mg each

Potent nervine tonic , protects body from nerve related pain and neuron damage. It protects the body from nerve pain or damage. Stops further decay of neuron , helps in  neuron sheath reconstruction.

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Nerve weakness and neurological disorders are the results of imbalance Vata Dosha. Vata Dosha imbalance affects your entire nervous system function, and due to that, the whole process of the body gets affected.Weak nerves condition is also known as nerve dysfunction, which means your nerves get affected or damaged due to some reasons, So this neurocare tablet strengthen nerves and prevent neural damage and neurological disorders.

Key ingredients  :Vishvadi guggul, Dashmool , Shilajeet ,Punarnava, Guggul Shudh.
Disclaimer :Avoid self medication! Consult your physician.
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